Beat FM Just Made a Blunder That Would Surely Make NBC Fine Them...Read What They Did.

Beat FM Lagos is on a collision path with the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) after flagrantly flouting the commission directive about playing a banned song.

Last night, Beat FM played Olamide’s "Don’t Stop" which the NBC has banned from being played on radio stations and TV stations earlier this month. The reasons NBC gave for banning the hit song is that it contains vulgar lyrics.

When Beat FM’s official twitter handle @THEBEAT999FM tweeted the song in the early
hours of this morning, fans actually warned them that the song had been banned.

One wonder why/how a big radio station like Beat FM would make such a mistake. Hoping NBC didn’t notice the blunder if not, a heavy fine would surely be placed on them. Then again, the OAP on duty would surely have some explanation to make to the management or maybe, Beat FM didn’t get the NBC memo.