Revealed! Kiss Daniel Is 28 Years Old Not 21 Years Old As Claimed

Lately there’s been a controversy about Kiss Daniel’s real age after he did a recent interview where he was referred to as  “the 21-year-old singer.”

Immediately, this went online, not a few people questioned the age of the singer. This is because the Woju crooner graduated from FUNAAB three years ago after studying a five year course thus how could he still be 21? Does that mean he was 13 when he got admitted into university? He claims he was.

The interview platform should have made their research because a simple visit to Kiss
Daniel's Wikipedia profile would have saved them the scandal. According to the singer’s Wikipedia page, his age is 28 as it is listed that he was born on May 1, 1987.

Wow. He really looks young so we can forgive anyone who believes he’s 21 but he claiming he's actually 21?! Nah....