Are You a PREGNANT BRIDE? Then Your Wedding is Void - Read This

Hello sisters, its being a while but can we talk?
Yes, I mean now!
Marriage is a good thing.
Wedding is nice too.
But when the bride's pregnant,
When she walks down the aisle
bearing a protuding belly,

The marriage has being dishonoured.
And the bed? Defiled!
Then, its no longer 'joining in holy matrimony'
It is called Thanksgiving celebration because the
couple has already joined themselves.
This is the common trend these days,

I dont admire nor applaude it.
Be the wife before you become a mother.
If your pastor didnt tell you, hear this now,
Introduction is not wedding...
Engagement is not wedding...
courtship aint wedding.

'Will you marry me?' 'I will', is not wedding.
'His papa and mama already know me' is not
Your fiance/fiancee is not your wife or husband.
You dont own his or her body and cant demand
for it!
Marriage is the ONLY license to have sex.......
Make the marriage bed before you
make babies.

Stop forcing yourself on a guy by proposing to
him by getting pregnant.
Girlfriend, you are not suya, so no tasting!
You hear me so?
He wants to know if you are good in bed, You
are not a store sample..... Tell Him that.
He wants to know if you are fertile, You are not
a lab rat.

You come with a price, dont you?
Some items comes with nice packaging, and
Until their price is paid, you cant open to see
what's in it.
A man who pressurizes you for sex because your
wedding is days away will ruin your relationship
with God.
He's not worthy of you.
And finally, when sin blinds your eyes,
You claim Love is blind the same way you
accuse the devil for actrocities commited.
God already set His standards.
He is not negotiating with you.
# FleeFornication.
God will not ask you to fornicate or defile His
Beware of fake prophecies.
I have heard stories of ladies who recieved such
'be pregnant before wedding'.
Watch it!
God cannot contradict Himself.
His Rhema cant oppose His Logos.
Those who know their God shall be strong and
do exploits.
Those who do not know their God shall be weak
and exploited.
The Anthem of hell is "EVERYONE IS DOING IT".
Sweetheart, not everyone is heading to hell.

DO YOU KNOW YOUR GOD?......!#truth