Merriam-Webster and Got into an Unusual Twitter War

On Monday afternoon, tweeted a soul-warming photo of a woman clasping a ug of coffee in her two hands while sitting atop a pile of pillows with an open book next to her.
Superimposed on the image was a quote:

“I like my coffee with cream and my literature with optimism.”

A little over an hour later, the Merriam-Webster dictionary Twitter account took a jab at for its very obvious error.

“There’s no cream in that coffee,” the account sassed.

Instead of engaging in a days-long back-and-forth quarrel, opted to take the high road in two tweets, effectively putting an end to the calmest Twitter beef ever.
“@MerriamWebster Abigail Reynolds wrote variations of Jane Austen novels. So, this image is a variation of her quote.”