Miss Transgender UK stripped of Her title 'for not living as a Woman full-time' (photos)

The UK now has a new Miss Transgender, after the country's original winner was stripped off her title. Daisy Bell, pictured above, came second in last September's competition and had the surprise of her life after receiving a text message saying she would be crowned the the new winner.

The title originally belonged to Jai Latto, pictured below.


Jai Dara Latto, 22, was named Miss Transgender UK in a glittering ceremony in London in last September. But six months on she had her title removed after organiser Rachael Bailey claimed she was shown footage of the model in boxer shorts.

Jai in boxers

The pageant runner branded Jai a 'drag queen' and accused her of not living full-time as a woman.

New winner Daisy,41, is originally from the Philippines but moved to the UK in 2001. She said she was "excited" by her new status.


She said:
"I am very excited and pleased to be the new winner of Miss Transgender UK. I was on holiday in Tenerife when I got the message to say I would be re-crowned. 
"Since I was a child I have known that I wanted to be a full woman. The support from my family was important, especially from my mum, who was very supportive."
According to the pageant's rules, any person identifying themselves as a transgender woman was eligible to participate in Miss Transgender UK 2015 on the understanding that they lived full time in their chosen gender.

Finalists were also only eligible to be considered for medical treatment for gender confirmation or feminisation surgery if they provided consent and could show they suffered from gender dysphoria.