This is What Actually Transpired Between Linda and wizkid at The Office of The Commissioner of Police

It was reported earlier on that Wizkid reported to the office of the Lagos State commissioner of Police after he was being summoned as a result of the threat he made on Linda Ikeji. She has also come out to talk about what actually transpired at the office of the Commissioner of Police today. 

She writes :

So, I am going to write about this Wizkid matter for the very last time. Anything else
after this will no longer concern me. So Wizkid and I met with the Commissioner of
Police today and when the Commissioner asked me what I wanted them to do with the
case...I told him that I wanted peace. And the reason why I insisted on peace and not
to drag the matter further i.e go to court, is because Wizkid and his lawyers have been
apologizing since Friday, up until today!

I spoke with Wizkid through his lawyer on Friday April 15th where he tendered an

apology to me and said he wasn't a violent person, that he didn't mean what he said,
that it was just an emotional outburst. And then he asked for forgiveness. Please
But despite forgiving him, he still had to show up at the Police HQ to officially apologize
and write an undertaken which he did today.
I see a lot of negativity has come out of this case with Wizkid - with many folks
bashing me for reporting a threat on my person. But here's my consolation and why I
am glad this happened. I promise you, especially the ladies, Wizkid will never threaten
you with harm again. At least  in public. I believe I am the last bus stop. 

He will think twice before threatening another human being again on social media. A police file

has been opened for him, and he has been cautioned. The day he threatens another
human being again with harm, then...
Having said that, I turned down taking a photo with him and the police commissioner
this afternoon. One of his people took a pic of him and the commissioner with me in it
and my people insisted they delete it. Not because I haven't forgiven him, I just don't
need the extra drama.

I wish Wizkid all the best and will continue to celebrate him.

God bless us all.