Chris Brown in Troubles With The Police Again

This guy and trouble are like Bread and Butter..They stick together. He has just landed himself in another trouble with the police after saying to one of his neighbors, "Fuc**k The Police".
Well, the neighbor in deed called the police, who came knocking at Chris’ door and asked to speak with him. The person who answered said Chris would not come to the door and if they had a problem they should call his lawyer.

Chris Brown accused of being a nuissance in his Tarzana neighborhood. The police there didn’t find the act funny and TMZ reports that they will go to the L.A. City Attorney and recommend prosecution for the crime of disturbing the peace.

The site further adds that Brown has become hated in the neighborhood with residents  constantly complaining of non-stop nocturnal noise and gangbangers coming in and out of his house at odd hours of the day.

Looks like Breezy just got into another war with the cops!

We pray he doesn't do another round of Community Service. If Yankee no free you, abeg come dey live for Lekki, your neighbours will be happy for you to disturb them, afterall you are Chris Breeezyy