Doctors Discover Condom Inside A Woman's Appendix (Photo)

Doctors have been left shell-shocked after finding a condom inside a woman’s appendix after she complained of stomach pain and loss of appetite.

According to reports, the incident took place in Cameroon after the 26-year-old came to hospital complaining of pain and tenderness on the right side of her pelvis, leaving her unable to eat and suffering from a fever.

Doctors conducted a scan on her which revealed her abdomen was swollen with fluid so the medics were left to believe the cause might be as a result of appendicitis.

She was rushed to the theatre for emergency surgery to remove the infected organ before it burst. 

Doctors were stunned after cutting her only to see something entirely different inside. They discovered the organ had a piece of condom stuck inside it – which they believe is the first case of its kind to be reported in the medical literature.

"We blindly dissected the appendix and found an incomplete piece of rubbery material which was consistent with a condom", said the doctors, describing the case in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

When the patient woke up from the procedure, she confirmed she had accidentally swallowed a condom two weeks before. The incident happened while she was with the boyfriend. The sheath had become loose – and accidentally slipped down her throat, she said.

She had not sought medical help after discovering pieces of the condom in her faeces five days later.

Nor did she think her symptoms were due to the incident.

Doctors believe the condom was torn into fragments as it travelled through her gastrointestinal tract, with part of it becoming lodged in her appendix.

The organ is a finger-like appendage located on the right side of the large intestine, so objects can some times get stuck there, triggering inflammation and infection.