Kendall Jenner Shows lots of bare skin on the Red carpet of a movie screening in Cannes

Kendall Jenner, one of the nudashians is at it again. She was one of the numerous celebrities that were present at the star studded Cannes screening of From The Land Of The Moon, and you will be surprised at what she wore to the event.

The celebrity was spotted in a sheer transparent gown from the top to the base. It was so transparent, her underwear was so obvious and glaring to the eye for the viewing pleasure of all.

I wonder if this craze will ever stop among these celebrities and funnily, they chose popular events to display their nudity, knowing fully well the pictures will definitely go viral.

Well, I will say nothing more is kinda special about the body of these people as hardly is there any American or Hollywood celebrity that we have not seen their bare skin up to the hmmmm!!! hmmmm!!!!