Nigeria and Nigerians are in Trouble – Damilola Duke

I am not a political analyst, neither am I an activist that fight for the right of other people. I am simply a Nigerian that wants the best for my country, I want my country to as well be like other countries where the government is making enough provisions to cater for the needs of her citizens, when I say provisions, am not talking about food or Bournvita or Indomie, I am basically talking about the needed basic amenities that will make life easier for the occupants of the entity called Nigeria, I am talking a about the government making good policies that will favour the whole citizens of the country and not just some selected few.

We voted for change and change we see. It will only take a deep thinking Nigerian to understand that the country is in so much trouble. Yes, only a deep thinking individual will realize that because it seems we are all feeling so comfortable whereas, we are not. 

You will think you are comfortable when you are able to afford three square meals in a day, when you are able to move from one place to another, when you are able to buy items that you need to live comfortably, but have you sat down to analyse a crucial part of these activities or spending? Do you now realize you are spending more or let me say double of what you used to spend before?

Nigerians are in trouble and we are not realizing this on time. Everyone seems to be smiling when you see them, but are they truly smiling inwardly? Are we sure they are not dying in silence? No one seems to be voicing out, we all feel it’s okay, but there is fire on the mountain and no one seems to be running.

I consider myself to be an average Nigerian. I love my country, no doubt. We are far better than hundreds of countries across the globe, we are champions compared to others, we are very important when it comes to world politics, but that is Nigeria as a country, how about Nigerians as citizens, are we also important within our country? The world reveres us, but are we respected within? I will say No.

At the moment, I am not happy that I will have to be spending 2 times the cost of everything I expend my hard earned income on. It is not just fair that this is happening to a country that should be one of the richest in the world.

I was at the market today in my locality and there was no single pepper seller in the whole market. I have never experienced this in my 20 years of living here. I asked the other women around if someone had died among them or what could be the reason for the sudden disappearance of pepper sellers in the market.

Then I was told that they all went to their major market the previous day and couldn’t pay for the new price of pepper in the market. They claimed the wholesale price was not even doubled but tripled and they believed the final consumers would never pay for the hike in price. Yes, why would we pay? The organizations we work for have not and might not increase our salaries, so why should we pay? But wait, we would pay, because here in Nigeria, we love to suffer and smile at the same time, we would pay because we have to eat.

I eventually saw a lady hawking and bought pepper at double the price I used to buy.
Do we also realize transportation costs have doubled across major cities in the country? I used to spend N400 to office and then back home every day. Now I spend N1000. How much is my salary, that I would be spending a thousand naira to work on a daily basis, that is N24,000 monthly and my salary is just a little above double of that amount. What a country!

When will I even actualize my dream of buying a piece of land and start developing it little by little, when will I get married? When will I start that business I have always dreamed of starting? When will I move from his apartment into a better one? Do I even stand a chance of buying a car?

I don’t really want to be discouraged about the whole thing, but I know there is always going to be a way out. It might not be an easy way out, but there will be a way out and the world will hear about that.

The Nigerian Federal Government have a responsibility to make things go back to normal in the nearest time, before the people get pushed to the extreme and then decide not to take it anymore.

It is well.