OMG!! Just See What This Man Was Spotted Doing To A Lady In Shoprite

Wharidissss!!! I don't seem to understand what is going on here. Could it be that the lady and the man are together or they total strangers. Although the guy that sent in the pix said the man wasn't in anyway affiliated with the lady. He just met her on a tight queue. 

That's quite crazeee of the man to do. Is that how scarce ladies are these days that he would be holding his crotch tight against a lady on queue. This simply reminds me of the old days when we used to board the popular Lagos Molue, after the seats have been filled, then the next available space would be the rows in between and this space will be filled with so many people that you would be held tight in between two other people. 

Unfortunately for some ladies, they would be in between 2 guys and then the pressing began. Cases have even been heard of guys the cu*m in the public bus as a result of holding their crotch tight against a lady.

Konji no goood ooooo!!!!!