This Guy has Been Wearing This Shirt since 2006 - Guys, For How Long Can You Wear a Shirt?

I was a the ATM this morning at one of the GTBank's branches and saw this. Did anyone notice the crowd was crazyyy across all ATMs in the state today? 

Back to our topic....

At first, I thought a census had been done in this year and I was not aware of it until when I saw that the guy was actually wearing the 2006 census shirt. Damn!!!! you mean someone would wear a shirt for close to 10 years? Or did he pick it up in later years? I don't think so, because the shirt looked so faded and unwoven.

So this pops out the question. For how long can you wear a shirt before you pass it on to others or throw it away.

For me, it's just 6 months minimum and 1 year maximum.