This Lady Claims Her Bride Price Has Just Increased After She Graduated From University

This got me truly laughing. But joke apart. I still find it to understand the ish behind this bride price. Is that the parents are trying to sell their daughters or something, or they just need the funds to move on with life? In India, it is the family of the bride that do the paying of the price.

Am not saying it is a bad culture, it is just that it is being abused in this part of the world especially in a part of the country where a female child is viewed as a treasure that will be exchanged for cash and gifts in their multiples at the time when she is about to be wedded.

It is even said that the more education a girl has the more price the groom has to pay. So in another words, it is just a return of investment on the side of the bride's family.

Now, the lady in the above photo is just an example of how so many ladies are not gonna help you get rich. You can simply imagine your wife to be not supporting you in the minimization of her bride price. 

The price does not guarantee a happy home, I swae**r

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