This Woman Allows Her Husband To Have Sex with Other Women

A popular television presenter has made a shocking revelation many people are yet to grasp its implication after she admitted giving her husband permission to sleep around.
A popular television presenter, Saira Khan has revealed that she’s happy for her husband to sleep with other women because she’s lost her s*x drive.

She made the revelation during a discussion on Loose Women when talking about s*x.
Khan admitted she was no longer interested in having s*x with her husband Steve Hyde, who she has been married to for 11 years.

She confessed: ‘I’m 46, I have a busy life and have two kids. I am so lucky.
‘We used to have a fantastic sex life. I still love my husband, we cuddle up and it’s lovely. We’ve been together for 11 years, but I’m not interested [in sex]. I don’t want to.’

The couple have been married for 11 years.

According to her, she has given her husband the permission to sleep with someone else, because she wants him to be happy.
She said: ‘The other day, I was dressed up to go out and he told me I looked nice and I was like, “Thanks!”, and ran out of the door.

‘As soon as he comes home, I panic and start saying, “I’m so tired!” I’m embarrassed to say this but I said to him you can go with someone else if you want.

‘I want to make him happy. He’ll kill me for saying this… Am I the only one?’
Agony aunt Coleen Nolan reassured Khan claiming that it was difficult to get in the mood sometimes.
‘You don’t always fancy it and then it takes 20 seconds to get in the mood and sometimes another 20 to do it,’she said.
Nolan then cracked a joke about her wedding night: ‘I did it three times. I remember it well as it’s the last time we did it.

‘Twice at night and first thing in the morning.’